We are The Librarium

Small Press Publications Library

A curated bookshelf of small press publications and artists ephemera.

The Librarium is a reading room and archive of small press publications, journals, articles and catalogues of art. It’s open to members who can book the space and browse the collection, hook up their laptops and read and write. And have a cup tea!

We invented the Librarium as a way to share resources with a community of creatives who need access to publications they may not be able to afford or gain access to. The Librarium is also our quiet way of intervening in the fast pace of the digital world of fast data, by providing an analogue space of contemplation, and even conversation. Yup, you can even talk in our library.

Currently our collection is modest but we are growing it, and we need members to help us. You can become a member for $50 a year (or whatever you can afford). This gives you access to the library on most days.

Zine culture and small publications are big in Sydney. Currently there are no libraries or collections dedicated to the acquisition of one off and small run publications that document the ephemeral side of artist run ventures and events. We consider this to be an important long term project, as many artist run spaces plot the future creative endeavours of the city. It is important that artists view the documentation and archiving of their works as central to their practice and as important historical documents for future cultural shifts.

In addition we think that books are meant to be shared. And we like to think we can create that culture here, despite the market economy and the rising real estate mania.

We have been involved in the zine scene for a long time, having produced the ‘Biggest Zine and Small publications festival in the Asia Pacific’ in 2006 as part of Gang Festival. (wwwgangfestival.com).  The zine library emerged as one of the outcomes from the Gang festival residency, as part of our artSlab program (Nov 2007 – October 2008).

Since 2008 we have acquired two massive bookcases and have been building our zine library and wondering how we can consolidate this collection and extend this knowledge into the community.

Our plan involves employing our resident archivist and researcher who has experience in small publications to organize our collections and pursue its growth. We plan to then open the space up 7 days a week and develop an online booking system for artists, academics and other community members who would like to spend time in our space for anywhere from a couple of hours to an entire week. We will offer this service as part our membership package to our space.

We are inspired by the study room which was developed to remarkable acclaim by the Live Art Agency in London.