Read/Write Library, Chicago

Yesterday The Librarium had its first OS public outing at Chicago’s own awesome Read/Write Library (formerly the Chicago Underground Library) – fearless pioneers of a new model for “open, location-specific archiving of independent and small press media“. The Read/Write Library collects anything and everything that is produced by and for the Chicago community, indexing works in such a way that all contributors are recognised, and maintaining a physical space open to the public in which ideas can be shared and connections forged.

Made very welcome by Head Librarian Nell Taylor, Bek and I spoke about The Librarium/Bill+George, the artist-run scene in Sydney and its relationship to land value. and creating quiet spaces in the city… alongside peeps from a nearby Chicago artist-run space, the very cute Peanut Gallery.

The Read/Write Library has very cool aims to create an ‘open source platform that other cities can adopt to discover and preserve their shared cultural memory, neighborhood by neighborhood’. Word that!



Photos by Tessa Zettel