Alternative Press Centre / AREA, Chicago

Before leaving Chicago, Bek & I dropped by the Alternative Press Centre for a meeting with Daniel Tucker, founder & ex-publisher of AREA Chicago, an awesome biannual newspaper of Chicago-specific art/research/education/activism. AREA is a maker and sharer of knowledge about local culture and politics, which takes it slow with each themed and carefully crafted issue. It’s been running since 2005 and has a print run of around 5000 copies, accepting contributions from anyone with something to say. They actively support individuals and organisations working to build a socially just city, and also do events and suchlike. Past issue themes have included: ‘City as Lab’, ‘Local Food Systems’, ‘Institutions & Infrastructures’ and ‘im/migrations’.


The Alternative Press Centre, our very cosy surrounds, is itself a non-profit collective who for the last few decades have been “providing access to and increasing public awareness of the alternative press”.


Apart from the actual library space, their main activity is publishing the Alternative Press Index, a biannual index (by subject) to around 300 alternative, radical and left periodicals, newspapers and magazines.