Kunci Residency

Gampingan 17Bek is currently in Yogyakarta Indonesia collaborating with Acong from the Library at Kunci – a cultural studies and practice based research space run by a bunch of independent artists and scholars.

Acong and I plan to use this time to research a number of alternative and radical cataloguing systems and translate them into a small zine publication. We will then experiment with Kunci’s collection to start the beginnings of site -specific catalogue system, including new spatial arrangements and sample display options for hybrid media and ephemera.

We have started with a number of questions to guide our research:

How does the existing classification of knowledge produce and distribute power?
How might an alternative cataloguing or radical archiving practice intervene/disrupt the power relations?
What are the ways libraries can function as civic and commons spaces?
What are the different ways to display discursive objects?

During this time Beki is also meeting with a number of other library spaces in Bandung, Yogya and Jakarta.