Medicinal Bike-Book-Machines in Java


Fauzi Baim is a jamu seller with a difference. In Indonesia, Jamu is a traditional medicine predominantly practised on the island of Java; it is claimed to have originated in the 1300s during the period of the Mataram kingdom.  Fauzi combines this ancient form with the relatively contemporary practice of book lending, with his nifty modified mobile jamu-bike-book-machine. In his regional town of Sidoarjo (East Java, prob best known for the tragic and criminal mud disaster caused by Lapindo) Fauzi delivers affordable natural medicines and a small bookshelf of interesting and popular texts to several villages in his area. Included in this are several warungs (small eateries) and polykliniks (local health clinics) where he drops off books that can be borrowed. His collection, which is rotated on a regular basis, contains over 4000 titles. He is very active on social media and largely because of this he has many offers for donating titles to his collection. This has given rise to a program called Buku Masuk 1000 Warung (Books for 1000 small eating places)

Fauzi’s example serves as excellent preparation for thinking about ways the Bike-Book-Machine can be adapted and integrated in many situations.