BIKE-BOOK-MACHINE: Doing Economies Differently

Next up: “Doing Economies Differently” I am pretty excited about this next curated bookshelf and intimate public conversation. We will be joined by two excellent people Dr Stephen Healy a Senior Research Fellow, at the Institute for Culture and Society (UWS) and Professor Bronwen Morgan who is an ARC Future Fellow in the UNSW Law Faculty.

We will teasing out some exciting possibilities around community economics and digital platform cooperativism.

Join us at 3pm at The Frontyard (228 Illawarra Rd. Marrickville) this Sunday April 10pm

Audio from this event can be found here.

Professor Bronwen Morgan’s research focuses on the transformations of the regulatory state in both national-comparative and transnational contexts, and more recently in the interaction between regulation and rights, especially in the context of social activism and claims for social and economic human rights. Bronwen also attended the Platform Cooperativism in NYC last year and will share her insights on this gathering. Read her review here:

Dr Stephen Healy is a senior Research Fellow at the Institute for Culture and Society, University of Western Sydney and a recent arrival to Australia. He has a Doctorate in Geography and his research focuses on community-based approaches to sustainable economic development. He has a passionate interest in how self-conception, desire and fantasy shape everyday understanding and practice of social, economic and ecological relations. He is currently involved in research with US-based colleagues exploring the Solidarity Economy in the United States, supported by the National Science Foundation, and an international research effort focused on how socially just sustainable economic practices can diffuse across scale and context. Read Stephen’s thoughts about Zombies and Economies here:…

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