Lost Rocks

Lost Rocks is described by its creators, A Published Event, as ‘an ambitious, slow-publishing artwork – a library of forty books, four books published twice yearly for the next five years’. It’s an artist-led library made up of recollected absences, set in motion by a rock board missing most of its 56 Tasmanian rock specimens that the artists Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward came across in a Hobart tip shop.

They’re halfway through commissioning 40 artists to each produce a book based on a lost rock, which will together make up the complete library. There’ll be 250 copies going out into the world, some distributed across owners and geographies, others collected together on their own little shelf. They suggest it would look at home in ‘any arena, home, studio, cafe, dental surgery or mining office’. You can support their Pozible campaign for a few more hours here.